Invest in Horizonte

The Industrial District has adequate infrastructure especially to the sector’s needs, with flat terrain, drainage, sanitation, water supply, electricity, pipeline, public lighting, telephony, fiber optic communication and road systems.

Water is health 
Today more than 40 thousand residents have access to piped water and treated in their homes, and the City subsidizes the expenses of water and sewage of the low income population by the Water and Sewage Company of Ceará (Cagece), benefiting more than 2,500 families with residential consumption up to 10m3 of water per month.

Another difference horizon is the presence of a sanitation complex, which includes one of the first landfills in the interior of Ceará, which also includes a garbage sorting plant.

Light for all 
Today, 100% of Horizon homes have electricity. The municipality also received major investments in the expansion of public lighting. Families who consume up to 100kw / h of energy per month do not pay the public lighting rate.